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About Us

The Pro Loco Castrum Carmonis is a voluntary association (in latin Pro Loco means “for the place”). With its initiatives, it works in order to promote the land of Cormòns through the development of enogastronomy and local crafts, the protection and preservation of the environment, of the cultural and historical heritage and traditions. The activities are the result of a non-profit group collaboration: in fact all the incomes are earned thanks to the realization of planned initiatives. The most important event that Pro Loco has been organising since 1988 is the Historical Re-enactment, which attracts a lot of visitors every year by animating the town with historical music, parades and medieval flavours. A special thank you goes to Patrizia Caneparo, member of the Pro Loco since its foundation: she’s a person with loads of ideas and the willpower to run many initiatives. She has also founded the classical and modern dance school that now carries her name: Danz'Arte Patrizia Caneparo.

The Pro Loco Castrum Carmonis has provided to set up an useful Tourist Information and Acceptance office (IAT office) in the city centre, in Via Matteotti 26. The office is able to distribuite information material about the region (leaflet, brochures, maps), give assistance to visitors and help them in hotels or city tours bookings. It is also an Internet Point which offers a Free Wi-Fi service.


Contact Us

  • Want to visit Cormons and its territory?
  • Want to have information about the wines of our area?
  • Don't know how to move in the region and you need specific informations?
  • Write us! And you will find an answer to all your questions!
  • Address :   Via Matteotti N°26 - 34071 CORMONS (GO) ITALIA
  • Phone :   +39 0481 639334
  • Email :   visitcormons@gmail.com
  • Opening Hours

     Monday        Closed
     Tuesday        9.00 - 13.00   /   16:00 - 18:00
     Wednesday  9.00 - 13.00   /   16:00 - 18:00
     Thursday      9.00 - 13.00   /   16:00 - 18:00
     Friday           9.00 - 13.00   /   16:00 - 18:00
     Saturday     9.00 - 13.00   /   16:00 - 18:00
     Sunday     9.00 - 13.00