Pasquetta sul Monte Quarin

April 22 2019 In Cormons

Annual outdoor event to celebrate Easter Monday on Mount Quarin, enjoying local products with a breathtaking view of Cormons from above.


Sapori Pro Loco Villa Manin

May 11/12 2019 - May 17/18/19 2019 at Villa Manin

Annual event at Villa Manin (Passariano di Codroipo UDINE) dedicated to the typical food and wine of Friuli Venezia Giulia , organized by the Regional Committee of Friuli Venezia Giulia of the National Union of the Pro Loco of Italy

Festival Mondiale Del Folclore Giovanile

July 8 2019 Cormons

Groups of dancers from all over the world are invited to perform in Cormons with evocative local dances!

XXXII Rievocazione Storica Di Cormons

August 24/25 2019 Cormons

Annual appointment of the historical re-enactment dedicated to Maximilian I, who in 1518 issued edicts in favor of the citizens of Cormons who were severely strucked by the war between Venice and Austria.

Festa Dell'Uva - Pesca Di Beneficenza

September 6/7/8 2019 Cormons

Annual event that celebrates the main economic resource of Cormons: the grapes.