Pasquetta sul Monte Quarin

April 02 2018 In Cormons

Annual outdoor event to celebrate Easter Monday on Mount Quarin, enjoying local products with a breathtaking view of Cormons from above.


Sapori Pro Loco Villa Manin

May 12/13 2018 - May 18/19/20 2018 at Villa Manin

Annual event at Villa Manin (Passariano di Codroipo UDINE) dedicated to the typical food and wine of Friuli Venezia Giulia , organized by the Regional Committee of Friuli Venezia Giulia of the National Union of the Pro Loco of Italy

Festival Mondiale Del Folclore Giovanile

July 2018 Cormons

Groups of dancers from all over the world are invited to perform in Cormons with evocative local dances!

XXXII Rievocazione Storica Di Cormons

August 24/25/26 2018 Cormons

Annual appointment of the historical re-enactment dedicated to Maximilian I, who in 1518 issued edicts in favor of the citizens of Cormons who were severely strucked by the war between Venice and Austria.

Festa Dell'Uva - Pesca Di Beneficenza

September 2018 Cormons

Annual event that celebrates the main economic resource of Cormons: the grapes.